School World Taekwondo Alliance Membership

World Taekwondo Alliance School Benefits:

  • Training opportunities with the host of Grand Masters within the WTA
  • Grand Master Kong Young Il (Traveled to 127 countries with undefeated open challenge)
  • Grand Master Cho Sam Min (Founder of Taekwon-Do in Brazil)
  • Grand Master Young Bo Kong (1st ITF World Champion, noted as the “Fastest Kicker in the World”)
  • Grand Master Woo Yup Yang (Head instructor to Australia)
  • Grand Master Scott McNeely (The youngest instructor to received 9th Degree Black Belt under these Pioneers)
  • The highest level of Black Belt, Instructor, Master, and Umpire credentials in the world today. Receive these beautiful and prestigious certificates of authenticity from the Pioneers of Traditional TaekwonDo.
  • Participation in annual National/International and/or World level competition.
  • Participation in an annual National/International Training Conferences and Camps.
  • Specialized seminars by any of these Grand Master Instructors are available to you.
  • Regional competition and regional training camps.
  • Access to members only WTA web site for training information and forum exchanges.
  • An official welcome letter from the Pioneers of Taekwon-Do suitable for framing.
  • Access to order Official WTA Patches and Membership Cards for registered members.
  • An Official Affiliation Certificate to be displayed within your school to reflect your involvement with this prestigious organization.
  • NOW AVAILABLE FOR US AFFILIATES! - The WTA is proud to offer its US Affiliates a comprehensive insurance program that protects your students from accidents when training and competing and gives school owners the General Liability insurance protection they need.

Registration:  There is a 2 step process to register your school:

  1. Pay $50 application via PayPal below. It's's easy. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal !
  2. Open THIS APPLICATION fill it out and email to


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