World Tae Kwon Do Alliance Benefits

It is very exciting to announce the official launch of the World Taekwon-Do Alliance. As you may know, due to the past ten years of political strife and the passing of many leaders within the Taekwon-Do world community, there has been a great need for leadership and unity. There is now a movement to bring a new beginning of organized leadership and service. The Original Pioneers of Taekwon-Do have not only endorsed this effort to preserve Traditional Art of TaekwonDo but lend valuable counsel to it. These iconic figures include, but are not limited to:

  • Grand Master Kong Young Il
  • Grand Master Cho Sam Min
  • Grand Master Young Bo Kong
  • Grand Master Woo Yup Yang
  • Grand Master Robert H. Hardin
  • Grand Master Scott McNeely

It is the important mission of the WTA to support the development and continued growth of Traditional Taekwon-Do throughout the world. It is our belief that Traditional TaekwonDo, as taught by the original pioneers, is an effective means of helping people to develop their full potential. The philosophy of this traditional art form makes it unique in the area of physical and character development. With a vast amount of experience, the WTA is without question, the most senior counsel of leadership available today. This non-politically based entity is dedicated to high quality instruction, promotion, competition, good will, and the long-term welfare of the Traditional art of Taekwon-Do.

The time to honor the past, unite the present, and create a successful vision for the future of this art is now.

WTA Member Benefits:

  • Training opportunities with the host of Grand Masters within the WTA
  • Grand Master Kong Young Il (Traveled to 127 countries with undefeated open challenge)
  • Grand Master Cho Sam Min (Founder of Taekwon-Do in Brazil)
  • Grand Master Young Bo Kong (1st ITF World Champion, noted as the “Fastest Kicker in the World”)
  • Grand Master Woo Yup Yang (Head instructor to Australia)
  • Grand Master Scott McNeely (The youngest instructor to received 9th Degree Black Belt under these Pioneers)
  • The highest level of Black Belt, Instructor, Master, and Umpire credentials in the world today. Receive these beautiful and prestigious certificates of authenticity from the Pioneers of Traditional TaekwonDo.
  • Participation in annual National/International and/or World level competition.
  • Participation in an annual National/International Training Conferences and Camps.
  • Specialized seminars by any of these Grand Master Instructors are available to you.
  • Regional competition and regional training camps.
  • Access to members only WTA web site for training information and forum exchanges.
  • Individual Membership - There are two levels of Individual WTA annual membership. 

Once we receive and process your membership, we will mail a membership card to your home school.  Silver members will also receive the two WTA patches.

The prestigious WTA Black Belt and Instructor certificates (signed by belated GM Nam Tae Hi and GM Kong Young Il) are available to its members for a flat rate of $100 (US) regardless of the rank level with approved authority.

Organization/School/Club - New member organizations, schools and clubs will receive the following upon WTA school registration:

  • Each school/club will submit a school/club membership request for application form. This form will include the history, status, and goals of the applicant school/club. In addition, it will include proof of instructor certification of rank to ensure credible legitimacy.
  • Each school/club will submit a $50 (US) registration fee with their application. This fee will be refunded if the application is rejected for any reason. Approved new member schools/clubs will be able to receive the following upon WTA registration.
  • An official welcome letter from the Pioneers of Taekwon-Do suitable for framing.
  • Access to order Official WTA Patches and Membership Cards for registered members.
  • An Official Affiliation Certificate to be displayed within your school to show that you are affiliated with this prestigious group.
  • Wall Posters are available to enhance the official training environment of your gym.

Should you have any questions concerning this membership opportunity, please email me. Thank you and welcome to this exclusive martial art family.